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Addressing the Issue of Suicide in the Legal Profession

suicide prevention awarenessDid you know September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month? According to the Center for Disease Control, lawyers rank fourth in the rate of suicide in terms of professions, and have six times the suicide rate as the general population.

The North Carolina State Bar recognizes the need for a program that address the issues of depression and suicide that are prevalent throughout the profession. The North Carolina Lawyers Assistance Program assists judges, lawyers, law students and their families. The four facets of the Lawyers Assistance Program are:

1. Protect the public from impaired lawyers and judges;

2. Assist lawyers, judges and law students with any issues that are or may be impairing;

3. Support the on-going recovery processes of lawyers and judges;

4. Educate the legal community about issues of substance abuse and mental health.

Lawyers Mutual is proud to continue its dedication to helping lawyers through its partnership with the North Carolina Lawyers Assistance Program. “Getting by with A Little Help from Our Friends” is a CLE program specifically designed to equip lawyers with real-world strategies that lawyers and law firms can use to 1) identify colleagues at risk, 2) create a culture of safety that will reduce barriers for those in need to asking for and receiving help, and 3) intervene when it is clear a colleague needs assistance.

We are here to help. Contact Lawyers Mutual or NC LAP today to schedule a CLE for your firm or local bar association.

Camille Stell, Lawyers Mutual VP of Client Services


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