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9 Ways a Dog Can Improve Your Law Office

Forget about getting an MBA or taking a leadership class – if you really want to be an influencer in your law firm, go out and get yourself a dog.

Nine out of 10 top corporate leaders had a pet as a child, according to a recent survey, and most of them say that experience helped fueled their rise to the top.

“Turns out the path to career success doesn’t just run through Wharton, but starts with a childhood filled with puppies, kittens, bunnies, and hamsters,” writes Melissa Locker in Fast Company. “According to the survey, an astounding 93 percent of the C-suite executives surveyed grew up with a pet, and 78 percent partially attribute their career success in part to owning a pet as a child.”

Read the survey – conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital and Kelton Research – here.

Walking the Dog is Creative Exercise

Not surprisingly, the most popular pet for future C-suite execs were dogs (83 percent) and cats (59 percent). But almost 40 percent grew up with birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish and other companions.

They said having a pet taught them lessons in responsibility, empathy, discipline and creativity that served them well in the workplace. And 25 percent said time spent with Fido and Fluffy was far more valuable for career prep than their first internship.

Here are some other survey results:

  • 92 percent of executives said pet ownership helps teach them discipline.
  • 79 percent said it makes them more organized.
  • 38 percent said it boosts their ability to identify and anticipate business needs.
  • 88 percent said it aids creativity.
  • 77 percent said they’ve come up with at least one great business idea while walking a pet.
  • 62 percent believe pets improve their ability to build relationships with coworkers and clients.
  • 80 percent said they bond easier with co-workers who also have pets.

9 Reasons Office Dogs Make the Best Employees

Here are some reasons, courtesy of The Muse, for having Spot or Ruff in your office (note: the photos are part of the fun of the linked piece).

  1. They’ll be there to greet you every morning.
  2. They help you get your work done.
  3. You don’t have to pay them.
  4. They represent your company with pride.
  5. They remind you that naptime is an important activity.
  6. They keep your seat warm.
  7. They encourage office bonding.
  8. They can teach you how to dress sharp.
  9. They make sure you get up and move around.


And don’t forget: August 26 is National Dog Day! 

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