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8 Steps to a Digital Mindset at Your Firm

8 steps

Does your firm have a digital mindset? If not, you could be courting disaster.

What’s a digital mindset? It’s a set of attitudes and actions about data, software and AI that thinks digital-first for law office solutions.

“Understanding a digital mindset is key to organizational success,” says business writer Karen Kroll in this article for the US Chamber of Commerce publication CO. “Research suggests that a digitally savvy workforce is more productive and efficient and likely to drive customer satisfaction.”

Kroll’s article “Do Your Employees Have a Digital Mindset? Here's How to Make It Happen” cites research from a Harvard Business Review paper. Below are some highlights:

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8 Steps to a Digital Mindset

The following is drawn from the “The Digital Mindset: What It Really Takes to Thrive in the Age of Data, Algorithms, and AI” (Harvard Business Review Press, 2022) and 'Digital Mindset': What It Is and How It Can Help Grow Your Business (

  1. Make your staff’s job easier. “The tools need to be non-invasive and fit smoothly into employees' work and processes, so they eventually can’t imagine working without using these tools,” writes Kroll. Like GPS, digital tools should provide actionable insights that improve productivity.
  2. Use formal and informal training. This will drive adoption. “Formal training includes classes and instructions, while informal training may include tips received from fellow employees and loosely organized networks.”
  3. Practice teamwork. Collaboration is key.
  4. Be data-savvy. “Understand how various technologies collect, categorize, and store data so you can make effective decisions and keep any biases from creeping into your predictions. As important, business leaders need to learn how to present data persuasively to key stakeholders so they can turn insights into action.”
  5. Identify the right tools. “Digital tools should be viewed as ways to achieve greater organizational performance and problem solving rather than an end in themselves,” says this source.
  6. Create a culture open to change. This is required in a digital world, where office constantly transition from one set of practices or tools to the next as technology, needs and circumstances change.
  7. Be patient. Change doesn’t happen overnight.
  8. Stay sharp. Keep current on trends, threats and possibilities.

Source: 'Digital Mindset': What It Is and How It Can Help Grow Your Business (

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