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5 Ways Legal Tech Can Wow Your Clients

Despite sweeping changes in law office technology, one thing hasn’t changed: clients still want and expect excellent service.

And if your firm doesn’t deliver it, they’ll find one that does. That’s where law office technology can become your best friend.

“The challenge is that as the world has become more connected and digital, delivering service that meets expectations can prove difficult – unless you have the right technology in place,” according to Thomson Reuters. “Today’s digitally savvy clients actively care what technology you are using, because this technology is what drives the quality of their experience.”

One aspect of a stellar client experience is accessibility.

“While you are working tirelessly on your client’s case, they want to be able to access the latest updates,” per Thomson Reuters. “But calling or sending messages repeatedly to get an update is inefficient. A client portal can give legal clients 24/7 access to the information they need quickly and easily, removing a point of friction for both parties and allows your client to feel valued. 

 Creating a space for your client to access their case information and other related materials themselves will save valuable time and allow for richer conversations, now that they don’t need to call you for an answer that is readily available to them.”

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5 Ways to Wow Your Clients Through Legal Tech

  1. Better billing. Still sending paper invoices and keeping time on scribbled post-its? Get ready to lose clients and revenue. Consider using time-and-billing software, email invoicing, client portals and online payment options. “Many unbillable tasks such as client onboarding, completing forms, gathering data, contract reviews and more can be automated,” says this source. “Automated processes are also much less prone to errors than when humans do them.”
  2. Better project management. “When managing client projects, having a clear start-to-finish strategy makes your work so much easier, and puts a stop to bottlenecks or communication breakdowns,” says Thomson Reuters. “Just a clear focus on the most important tasks that need to be completed from beginning to end.”
  3. Better data security. From Thomson Reuters: “Security is one of the most important elements of an exceptional client experience. Law firms need to be able to reassure their clients that their information is safe and secure, because a data breach can ruin the trust that is the cornerstone of an attorney-client relationship. Technology is a critical element in maintaining this trust. For example, secure file sharing tools not only simplify the process of document sharing, they also maintain control over sensitive documents at all times, while virtual data rooms can be used for fast and secure exchange of files and other sensitive information.”
  4. Better communication. “Some find the idea of chatbots as a means of communication impersonal, and maybe even creepy,” says law tech expert Neil Patel. “However, it seems chatbots are here to stay. They are now able to answer up to 80 percent of routine questions. If you can let a customer service bot handle frequently asked queries from your customers, saving you time and resources, it’s not just beneficial for you. It’s beneficial for your customers too. Customer service bots mean that customers can get the help or answers they need around the clock and in many cases, immediately. Services such as Tidio combine customer service bots and live chat on one platform. Some chatbot services, such as SnatchBot, also offer omni-channel communications. This enables your customers to get in touch on their preferred channel, whether it’s Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.”
  5. Better collaboration. Tools like HQ let you create one place where your team and your clients can share knowledge, documents and to-do lists.


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