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5 Legal Blogs to Watch

blogs to watch Technology and social media have greatly changed the landscape of the legal industry. The changing times have redefined the client experience and forced firms to think outside the box. A major trend within the legal community is blogging. Blogs allow attorneys to provide valuable resources to their clients and other legal professionals by creating content that showcases their knowledge. Blogs also help direct traffic to the firm’s site. What does it take to maintain a successful blog? Take a look at some of my favorite legal blogs and see how these firms are using their blogs to promote their practices and share their knowledge.


1)      Divorce Discourse by Lee Rosen- Lee Rosen’s blog is a great resource for other attorneys. He offers insight on everything from how to prepare for your initial consultation to the “30 second website fix that changes everything.” In addition to his posts, Rosen also includes podcasts and the “Rosen Institute” which serves as an online community for lawyers.

2)      Cady Bar the Door published by Brooks Pierce Attorneys and Counsellors- This blog explores insider trading and other topics relevant to federal securities law enforcement. The blog ranges in topics from administrative proceedings to financial fraud.

3)      A Lawyers Craft by Carolina Craft Legal. This blog is exactly what its tag line suggests, “a fresh pour of legal wit.” Posts explore topics on the latest developments around the alcoholic beverage and entrepreneurship worlds. Posts explore topics ranging from business creation to FDA menu labeling compliance.  

4)      What’s fair? By Ellis & Winters LLP. This blog focuses on the law of unfair and deceptive trade practices. Topics range from debt collection and unfair trade practices to treble-damage awards as penalties. This blog does an excellent job of updating readers and promoting dialogue.

5)      NC Legal Ethics by the Brocker Law Firm. This blog highlights ethics topics affecting NC lawyers. Blog topics range from using a liquidated damage clause to professionalism. Their blog provides a lot of great insight into the ethical concerns of NC lawyers.

In blogging, it’s important to be consistent, informative and honest. Creating quality content will establish you as a thought leader and valued resource, not only to your clients, but your colleagues in the industry as well. What are some of your favorite legal blogs?



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