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3 + 3 = Law Degree

Meredith College LogoRecently, Meredith College and Campbell Law School announced a new partnership that will provide Meredith students with the opportunity to complete a law degree at an accelerated pace. We had an opportunity to find out more about the 3 + 3 program from Program Coordinator, Whitney Ross Manzo.

LM: You are Meredith’s pre-law adviser and will also serve as the 3+3 program coordinator. How will this role be different for you?

WM: Really, the roles won't be so different. I help all students interested in going to law school, no matter their major, so it was a natural fit that I also coordinate the new program. The only new thing I will have to do is ensure that students are completing their majors in 3 years, instead of the normal 4, which means I will have to be a bit more strict with the students regarding scheduling.

LM: How did this partnership with Campbell Law School come about?

WM: I believe their assistant dean of admissions, Dexter Smith, approached our Provost, Matthew Poslusny, about a possible partnership. Campbell Law was already forming an agreement with their undergraduate campus, and Meredith was next on their list. It's a natural fit, since we are down the road from the law school. Many of our students have gone there historically. Both schools have similar religious backgrounds, and both pride themselves on small class sizes and close student-faculty relationships. We are also beginning talks for a similar program with Wake Forest Law, but that is in the very very early stages.

LM: What are the program requirements?

WM: Students must choose a major by the beginning of their sophomore year, with a low number of credit hours, so it can be completed along with our general education requirements in 3 years. Students are not guaranteed admission to Campbell- they still must have a good GPA and LSAT score, for example- but if they are admitted to Campbell by the end of their 3rd year at Meredith, they can complete their first year of law school and their final year of undergraduate education at the same time.

LM: What can students expect from the program?

WM:  Students can expect to take a high number of hours each semester- at least 17- and to have to complete the law school application process an entire year early, both of which can be very stressful. However, the reward is saving a whole year of tuition, which is a great savings! This program is perfect for the motivated student who already knows she is ready for law school.

LM: Mentoring is huge part of success in our personal and profession lives. Are alumna who have gone on to pursue legal careers getting involved with the program in any capacity?

WM: We are connecting current Meredith students with Meredith alumnae who went to Campbell Law as a first step through informational panels and networking events. As the program grows, we plan to look into a more formalized mentoring process.

 LM: As program coordinator, what is one huge goal you hope to accomplish with this new program?

WM: As always, I hope to get more women into the legal field!

LM: How can students find out more about the program?

WM: Right now, the best way is to email me at We are working on getting the website up and running as we speak.

The 3+3 program speaks to the inclusive and innovative nature of the North Carolina legal community. The partnership between Meredith College and Campbell Law is sure to increase the number of women in the profession. We are looking forward to seeing the program flourish and turn out more dedicated legal professionals in the state.




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