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20 Tips for Branding Your Firm

In a marketing world where branding reigns supreme, law firms can take some lessons from how Dove, Dairy Queen and Disney do it.

Dove’s emphasis on simplicity, for instance, is a message that’s irresistible, easily grasped and works as well for law clients as bath-soap buyers. Dollar Tree’s prices can’t be beat. And Disney, well, is Disney.

These three brands made The Motley Fool’s list of the Best-Loved U.S. Brands. “It’s hard for any brand to connect with consumers,” writes Daniel B. Kline for The Motley Fool. “To go beyond being just something people buy to something truly love.”

The companies on the list were selected based on consumer sentiment for favorability, trust and community impact. Every law firm should want to score high on these three counts. And while being loved might not be the main goal of your practice, hey, it’s better than the alternative.

20 Proven Branding Tips

  1. Colgate. Key differentiator: It’s ubiquitous. Why it works: It doesn’t mess with success, from its color scheme to its taste.
  2. Walt Disney. Key differentiator: Its position as America’s top family entertainment source. Why it works: It keeps growing, as its acquisitions of Pixar and Marvel attest.
  3. PayPal. Key differentiators: Convenience and quality control. Why it works: It hit on something everybody wants: a fast, reliable way to make financial transactions online.
  4. Subway. Key differentiator: A healthy alternative to other fast food providers. Why it works: It makes the customer a partner in creating the product.
  5. Wal-Mart. Key differentiators: It’s everywhere and carries everything. Why it works: It keeps the focus on the customer.
  6. Dove. Key differentiator: Simplicity. Why it works: Even its packaging conveys purity.
  7. Weather Channel. Key differentiator: It’s always there. Why it works: It identified a consumer need: to know the weather at any given time.
  8. Target. Key differentiator: Hipper and trendier than other bargain outlets. Why it works: It expanded beyond brick-and-mortar to embrace other sales channels.
  9. YouTube. Key differentiators: Free and available 24/7. Why it works: It’s perceived as a democratic platform, open to all.
  10. Tide. Key differentiator: Its longevity. Why it works: It’s reliable.
  11. Samsung. Key differentiator: The alternative to that other phone brand. Why it works: It overcomes adversity like the “exploding phone” scandal by acting quickly and transparently.
  12. Lowes. Key differentiators: Massive selection, user-friendly. Why it works: Understanding that people like to see and touch products they plan to put in their homes.
  13. Cheerios. Key differentiator: People grew up with it. Why it works: Emphasizes its heart-healthy quality.
  14. Dollar Tree. Key differentiators: Price, price, price. Why it works: Clean stores, rotating inventory.
  15. FedEx. Key differentiators: Speedy delivery, reliability. Why it works: Its business will keep growing as online sales grow.
  16. Hershey’s. Key differentiator: It is an American icon. Why it works: Consistent quality, lots of Kisses.
  17. UPS. Key differentiators: Various schedules, retail sites. Why it works: Professional, reliable service.
  18. Netflix.Key differentiators: Trailblazer, ahead of the curve. Why it works: Unafraid to evolve (from a DVD delivery service), provides original content.
  19. Google. Key differentiators: It has become synonymous with the word “search.” Why it works: It has branched out into everything from mapping to self-driving cars.
  20. Amazon. Key differentiators: Buy anything from your phone and have it delivered in two days or less. Why it works: It has revolutionized the way people shop.

What pointers can you pick up from these brands?

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