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10 Tips for Password Security

If you’re like most people, you probably use the same password for more than one online account.

That’s a mistake.

“Password security has always been relevant, but it has become even more so today as cybercriminals continue to think of new and innovative ways to hack accounts and get ahold of your personal data,” according to Norton Security. “On average, people reuse the same password for 10 different accounts. Because of this, it’s needless to note that the majority of people need to rethink their password security.”

Here are 5 tips from Norton to create a strong password:

  1. Never use personal information. Don’t use personal information like names, birthdays or addresses.
  2. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Most accounts require this.
  3. Make it long. At least 16 characters are recommended. 
  4. Don’t reuse passwords. You’ll be easy pickings in a credential stuffing attack.
  5. Avoid using real words. Password thieves have tools that can scan every word in the dictionary. Thwart them with gibberish.

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10 Password Tips from Lawyers Mutual

  1. Keep passwords a secret, even from tech support. No one else should have your password. Ever. 
  2. Make it more complicated. Don’t use simple words or personal information.
  3. The longer the better. Passwords become harder to crack the longer they are.
  4. Use a passphrase instead. It’s much harder to hack “IAteA$10Hotdog” than “SummerFun18.”
  5. Don’t duplicate passwords. Use a unique password for each site, and don’t simply add another number to the end of a single password.
  6. Change passwords every 60-90 days. This is especially true for sites with sensitive information. 
  7. If you think an account has been compromised, change your password immediately. Also check other accounts for suspicious activity. 
  8. Make security question answers hard to guess and vary your questions/answers so that you aren’t duplicating security information.
  9. Implement additional security features, such as two-step authentication.
  10. Have password procedures for your entire firm. Any employee can be a weak link in security. 


Secure Password Checklist

  • Use longer passwords, preferably a passphrase (12 or more characters.) 
  • Use a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers. 
  • Avoid using names, dates, or words found in the dictionary.
  • Never share your password. 
  • Do not write your password down. 
  • If you think a password is compromised, change it immediately.

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