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10 E-Alternatives to the Mighty Post-It Note

How does the Post-It Note – a small, square, unassuming scrap of paper – survive in a sleek, cyber world?

Because it works. And because no software program, app or messaging platform comes close to matching its ease of use, versatility or convenience.

“Sticky notes have become a classic because of some unique properties,” writes tech innovator Ross Rubin in FastCompany. “They can convey a message—that is, content—but their placement provides context. They can be put in the line of sight of someone to grab attention or be affixed to a document or other object to provide instruction or commentary. Their ability to be attached again and again has made them popular for arranging ideas on surfaces such as whiteboards for analog mind-mapping.”

Another reason for Post-Its’ durability, says Rubin, the founder of Reticle Research: it has a great origin story. Its invention four decades ago in a 3M laboratory represents an object lesson in turning a mistake into a world-changing success.

10 E-Alternatives to Post-It Paper

  1. Notezilla. Colorful and powerful sticky notes app for Windows and phones can be programmed for reminder alarms, attached to any website or document, and organized into folders or tags.
  2. Stickies. Yellow rectangular windows are perfect for text notes. Once created, they will stay on screen until you remove them. Just like a real sticky piece of paper.
  3. Xpad. Sticky note application for jotting notes.
  4. A Note. Lets you create post-it like notes on your Microsoft Windows desktop. It sits in the system tray and is created with a click or double click. Free.
  5. Spatial. Mimics conference room-like collaboration by letting you manipulate colored notes for different ideas on a real-world surface.
  6. Post-It Plus. This iPhone app is designed to capture walls full of real post-its. See also: Microsoft’s OneNote and Apple’s Notes.
  7. Microsoft Sticky Notes. One click lets you access this app. Type or write, the choice is yours. Capture your ideas in your own handwriting or in type.
  8. ATnotes. This free program creates notes on your desktop. It lives in the system tray, takes few resources and supports many languages.
  9. Stick A Note. Stick a text note to a window of a program or document. It appears only on that window and moves with it.
  10. NoteFly. This small app (less than 300kb setup) creates beautiful notes of various sizes.


What if any note-taking apps do you use?



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