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10 Bar Exam Tips from Twitter

twitter iconCongrats! You did it! You made it through law school. All those assignments, sleepless nights and long study hours have brought you to this point. I know what you’re probably thinking, all of that just to return to more sleepless nights and long study hours right? While you may feel as if your graduation celebration was cut short, we’ve taken the time to compile some great Bar Exam Tips from Twitter. I bet you thought Twitter was only good for crying Jordan memes, keeping up with the Kardashians and finding out the real story behind Beyonce’s lemonade album. Check out these Bar Exam tips hot off the Twitter feed.

1)      How to get the most out of your #BarExamPrep Course ( via @BarExamTools)

2)      #BarExam Study Tips: What Do you do if you aren’t sure that #BarPrep is working for you? ( via @BarExamTools)

3)      Should I take breaks during bar prep? (via @JDAdvisingLLC)

4)      #BarExamPrep: The Best Apps for studying (via @PieperBarReview)

5)      Stuck on where to begin your #barexamprep? Start here. ( via @CriticalPass)

6)      22 Effective bar exam tips (via @FloridaCoastal)

7)      Tips to help you study for the #BarExam (via @FindLaw)

8)      Do you know what your bar exam grader is looking for? (via @CriticalPass)

9)      Reduce your stress for bar exam success with these tips (via @CriticalPass)

10)   Can you study for the Bar Exam from a beach in Mexico? (via @BarExamTools)





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