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10 Bar Exam Tips from Twitter

10 Bar Exam Tips from TwitterWith the bar exam less than a month away, it is important to use your time wisely in the coming weeks.  This includes trying not to have a panic attack. Take a deep breath, because we’ve decided to save you some time by compiling some of the best bar exam tips from Twitter.

(And you thought only Google brought peace and understanding!)

1.  Bar Exam Preparation: Maximize the Final Weeks: Whether you’ve been studying like a maniac or taking it easy, t... (from @Lawyerist)

2.  Be ready for anything; visualize the unexpected. #barexam #barprep (from @BarExamMind)

3.  Time for the July BAR EXAM FREAKOUT! If that's you, Lee's got great tips on calming down: ~ @BarExamTools (from @GirlsGuidetoLS)

4.  Three Tips for Finishing the Bar Exam Performance Test on Time: Guest post by Mary Campbell Gallagher. Success ... (from @Lawyerist)

5.  Five Steps to Bar Exam Confidence: #barexam #barprep (from @LawLifeBalance)

6.  DOs and DON’Ts for the Final Weeks of Bar Exam Prep via @scartierliebel (from @lawyersmutualnc)

7.  Having trouble motivating to study for the #barexam? Execute a #barprep contract! (from @BarExamMind)

8.  Handwriting tips for the #barexam. Check them out! #barprep #barbri (from @BarExamTools)

9.  Don't allow complacency to sink your chances to pass the #BarExam. Get motivated: #BarPrep #BarReview (from @KaplanBarReview)

10.  How Do I Learn All of This Law for the #BarExam? Simple. Just Simplify! (from @ALPScorp)

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