2012 Holiday Wish List for Lawyers

The holiday season is here.  It’s time to take to the malls or the internet in search for the perfect gift for the lawyer in your life.   We have compiled a list that includes a couple of “hot ticket” items, the necessary and the plain fun gifts.  One hot ticket item for the s… Read More

8 Tips for Effective Time Management

At the end of the day do you ever look at the pile of work on your desk and wonder if you actually got anything done? These thoughts can lead to stress and feelings of helplessness. The cure for these thoughts is effective time management. Time management is such an important topic, companies hire experts to t… Read More

10 Bar Exam Tips from Twitter

With the bar exam less than a month away, it is important to use your time wisely in the coming weeks.  This includes trying not to have a panic attack. Take a deep breath, because we’ve decided to save you some time by compiling some of the best bar exam tips from Twitter. (And you thought only Goo… Read More

Colin Firth and Confidentiality

It seems like every day I read about someone getting into trouble for a posting on social media.  Whether it is the college student who had a job offer rescinded for a negative tweet or a worker getting fired for Facebook, people are facing consequences for what they say online.  As a r… Read More