Patrick is the Vice President of Enterprise and Operational Risk Management at Lawyers Mutual as well as filling the roles of Corporate Secretary and Director of Information Security. He is an NCSB board certified specialist in Privacy & Information Security Law and has been designated a Fellow of Information Privacy and a Privacy Law Specialist by the IAPP.  He is always happy to talk about his collection of tinfoil hats or to discuss risk management advice and resources that you may find helpful - you may reach him at 800.662.8843 or

Cybersecurity Tips: Passwords

8 characters, one capital, one lower case, one number, one special character. Or so they told us. Unfortunately, those simple days have passed us by! Having strong authentication is an absolutely necessity nowadays, and that begins with strong passwords.   Read More

10 Tips for Cybersecurity Month

October is a time of changing leaves, fresh apples, and children on a sugar-rush begging for candy door-to-door.  It is also a great time to do a quick check-up of your cybersecurity posture. Ditch Windows 7 and check all other operating systems to ensure they are still supported. And running Windows… Read More

PC Users: A Reminder to Upgrade Windows

If you are a PC user running Windows, you are hopefully using Windows 10. If you are not, now is a great time to consider upgrading to keep your systems up to date and secure! Microsoft has two types of support during a product’s lifecycle: Mainstream Support: the product is in warranty, there are upda… Read More