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#ClioCloud Comes to NC in the form of the “Data Driven Lawyer”

by Camille Stell |

Your firm relies on data to thrive.

Lawyers Mutual is dedicated to helping lawyers “change with the changes” that are occurring in the industry.

We are one of the proud sponsors of the upcoming “Data Driven Lawyer” NCBA CLE which will be held on Friday, June 8 at the NC Bar Center.

This program boasts a host of industry leaders who will share their knowledge with attendees. This one day CLE program is sure to have an immediate impact on your practice. Our very own, Vice President of Client Services, Camille Stell, who also served as the CLE’s course planner, answered a few questions about the upcoming program.

LM: Technology and innovation have been high on the topic list in the legal industry this year. What topics can attendees expect to hear about during this CLE program?

CS: We have a full day of speakers for this program who will address a number of topics which include:

Monitoring critical data about your clients, data security, legal marketing as well as ethics for 21st century practices.

LM: The program is called the “Data Driven Lawyer.”  Is this program only for attorneys, or is there a benefit for other legal professionals as well?

CS: Whether you're an attorney, paralegal, legal marketer, or firm administrator, this one-day session helps practitioners incorporate new strategies to make your firm immediately more successful. Everyone in a law office helps the practice thrive so no matter what role you play, there is something in this program for everyone in the office.

LM: What does it mean to you to be a “data driven lawyer”?

CS: Your firm already collects so much data from your intake systems to your billing systems. Analyzing that data can help you make business decisions, as well as focus your energy to where your results will pay off.

LM: Who are the speakers for this program?

CS:  The lineup of speakers is very impressive. The speakers for this event include:

  • Jeff Ward is the Director of the Duke Center on Law & Tech (DCLT) at Duke Law, where he teaches courses at the intersection of law and emerging technologies such as Frontier A.I. & Robotics: Law & Ethics.
  • George Psiharis is the Vice President of Business Operations at Clio. Specializing in customer development and data operations, George has worked extensively with law schools, bar associations, and other legal professionals to help make information on cloud computing and law firm economics increasingly accessible.
  • Nika Kabiri is Vice President at Radius GMR, where she works as a consumer insights consultant helping legal businesses grow. Nika has done extensive research on the attitudes and behaviors of legal consumers and attorneys and has expertise conducting social and consumer research more broadly. 
  • Emily van Siereveld is Clio’s Live Events Manager and travels the country speaking with attorneys about their firm and workflows while sharing the benefits of Clio and the cloud. 
  • Claude E. Ducloux  has been licensed in Texas since 1977, and has also been licensed in California and Colorado. In 2011, he won the highest statewide award from the State Bar of Texas for lifetime contribution to CLE (the “Gene Cavin Award”), and has spoken in more than 150 programs in three states since January 1, 2009.
  • Drew Vaughn is the owner at Deviant Marketing. He has been named one of the Top 10 Attorneys in Illinois, is a professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and founded NuVorce – a divorce law firm that doubled in revenue for three straight years and that appeared in CNN Money, the Chicago Tribune, and Money Magazine. 

LM: Clio is also one of the sponsors of the program. What role has Clio played in partnering with NCBA for this CLE?

CS: You may know that Clio is a NCBA Affiliate Partner. Your membership in NCBA provides you a discount to purchase Clio. You may also know about the famous Clio Cloud Conference. ClioCon started several years ago with 200 Clio users and has turned into one of the largest and most popular legal technology conferences. Attending the “Data Driven Lawyer” would give you a “sneak peak” at a Clio conference experience. However, you do not have to be a Clio user to benefit. We are lucky to have Clio’s conference expertise and showmanship, but the information will be beneficial for those who are not Clio users.

LM: Where can those interested find more information about the program?

CS: You can register for the program at the following link. I hope to see you there!

About the Author

Camille Stell

Camille Stell is President of Lawyers Mutual Consulting and Services, offering succession planning, business development coaching, keynote presentations and more. Continue this conversation by contacting Camille at camille@lawyersmutualconsulting.com or 800.662.8843.

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