LIMITED EXTENSION OF DATES IMPACTING YOUR POLICY IN THE EVENT OF A DISRUPTION OF OUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS.  Due to the suspension of operations in our physical office in response to COVID-19, we may be unable to process an application or payment sent by mail.

If we are unable to process your application or payment while working remotely, we will extend the timeframes for policy reissue and premium payment in accordance with the following:

If you encounter a technical issue with an online payment and we are unable to resolve the issue or if we are unable to apply your online payment during the suspension of our physical operations, we will extend your payment due date for thirty (30) days. We will contact you to discuss the status of a past due payment prior to cancelling your policy. We recommend that you make premium payments online through our website at

If your policy expires and we are unable to provide you with a reissue quote during the suspension of our physical operations, we will reissue your policy with prior acts coverage up to sixty (60) days after expiration of the policy. We recommend that you submit policy applications and change forms by email to

If you are unable to submit an application or pay an invoice online as a result of a disruption of your business operations in response to COVID-19, please contact us by email at so we can discuss solutions to avoid a lapse in your coverage.