1. What does claims-made policy mean?

2. What is prior acts coverage?

3. What is an Extended Reporting Endorsement (ERE)?

4. Does my policy provide coverage as an arbitrator or mediator?

5. Is coverage available for someone that is working as an attorney on a part-time basis?

6. How should I inform you that I am making changes to my firm (adding an attorney, removing an attorney, firm name change, address change?

7. If I add or remove an attorney during the policy period, does it affect my premium?

8. Do I need to notify you that I have hired a non-attorney employee?

9. Do I need to notify you if I have changes in my area of practice?

10. May I increase the limits of liability under my policy during the term of the policy?

11. How do I request a Certificate of Insurance?

12. How do I request a copy of my Declarations page?

13. Whom do I call if I have questions about my policy?