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Video Studio: Where to begin? How to Build a Video Studio Part II

Video Supply List

How to Build a Video Studio PART II

video cameraAre you considering building your own video studio but don’t know where to start? In yesterday’s blog post we discussed the steps we took to build our in-house studio; developing a product list to fit our needs was a huge part of the process. Here’s our shopping list of items we purchased for our studio:

Sony SOPMW100

PMW-100 XDCAM HD422 Handheld Camcorder


General Brand GBGT12B

Gaffer Cloth Tape - Matte Black (2.0" x 12 yds)


Impact IMSBE15K

Empty Saddle Sandbag Kit, Set of 6 - 15 lb (Black)


Audio-Technica  (x4)

PRO 88W-830 Camera Mountable Lavalier Pro 88W Wireless System

(4 at different frequency ranges each to avoid interference)


Audio-Technica AUCP8306

CP8306 Adapter Cable for Pro 88 W Wireless System


B&H Photo Video BHCSLBUKM    (x2)

Lavalier Accessory Backup Kit - Medium (1/4") (6mm)  


Sony SOPC234S   (x4)

PC-234S Mini Stereo 3.5mm to 1/4" TRS Stereo Headphone Adapter


Impact IMBGSS12K6

Background System Kit with 10x24' White, Black and Chroma Green Muslins


Impact IMBGR1024SBN

Reversible Muslin Background (10 x 24', Stone Blue/Nickel)


Delta 1 DEMMS38

Muslin Mover Three-Wall 36' System


Impact IMLS96HAB   (x2)

Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand - Black, 9.5' (2.9m)


Genaray GESPAD35    (x2)

SpectroLED-9 Light (100-240VAC/12VDC)


Genaray GESPAD75

SpectroLED-14 Light (100-240VAC/12VDC)


Avenger AVC1000   (x3)

C1000 Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp


Mackie MA1402VLZ4K

1402VLZ4 14-Channel Compact Mixer with Padded Bag Kit


Sennheiser SEHD280P

HD 280 Pro Circumaural Closed-Back Monitor Headphones


Pearstone PEHDC1010W

Pro Camcorder Case with Wheels



SGM-PDII On-Camera Short Shotgun Microphone



32GB SxS-1 Memory Card


Magnus MAVT4000

VT-4000 Tripod System with Fluid Head


Additional sound dampening provided by:

Double layer of drywall

Multi-density acoustic fabric in between the drywall layers (we used db-3 PRO by United Plastics Corporation)

Acoustic panels on all walls


Also needed:

Acoustic seals or thick weather stripping for the doors to fill any gaps


Cordless drill/screwdriver



Sand (6x15lbs = 90lbs)

Locks (for the cabinet)

Bungee cords

Steamer (optional to get wrinkles out of the curtains)


These are the supplies and equipment we found to be the best fit for our video studio. Once you assess your needs, you may not need all the items listed above. We hope this list helps you begin to think about your specific studio needs and narrow down your product list. 

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