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Top 10 Reasons I Value Lawyers Mutual

Why do you value Lawyers Mutual?

Is it the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your law practice are protected? The security of having an experienced claims attorney by your side when needed? The snappy logo?

There are different reasons we value the people and things in our lives.

At Lawyers Mutual, we want to know why our insureds value us. So we ask them. We listen when they answer. Then we go out and try to meet – and exceed – those expectations every day.

Top 10 Reasons I Value Lawyers Mutual

# 10. HELP Team. What would happen to your practice in the event of a medical emergency? Who would take care of your cases and clients? What if your law partner unexpectedly retires – or dies? HELP is available. Lawyers Mutual’s HELP (Handling Emergency Legal Problems) team, led by in-house claims attorneys and outside counsel, has the training and resources to guide you through difficult professional times.

# 9. Our history. Lawyers Mutual has been in business since 1977. It’s the only carrier to continuously provide professional liability coverage to NC lawyers in the years since. Many of our insureds have been with us from the start. Some of their founders and senior partners helped create us. You can’t put a price on the value of those relationships.

# 8. The dividend checks. Since 1999, Lawyers Mutual has paid dividends fifteen times. More than $9.24 million dollars have been returned to policyholders since 2011.

#7. Lawyers Insurance. Our mission is complemented by Lawyers Insurance, which provides the expertise and products to address all other insurance needs (including health, life, disability, cyberinsurance, home and auto) to protect lawyers, their firms and their future. Visit for more information.

# 6. CLE roadshow. Each year, Lawyers Mutual presents “Put Into Practice: Risk Management Tips for Your Law Firm,” a three-hour CLE program offered live at different locations across the state. The CLE, which features a panel of experts sharing tips on how to keep your practice safe and successful, is free to LM insureds. Click here to see the Fall 2019/Winter 2020 schedule or register for a program.

# 5. Easy underwriting process. When you apply for coverage or need to discuss your policy, you’ll talk to a live person with experience working with NC lawyers. Our Underwriting VP Kathy Fisher is a lawyer herself. Insureds like being able to make changes to their policies – such as adding a lawyer or changing an address – from downloadable forms available online.

# 4. Claims advice. Sometimes you just need to talk to somebody. Our Claims Department has eight full-time licensed attorneys, all of whom have practiced law and know what our insureds go through. Each day, our claims attorneys talk our insureds through difficult situations and nip potential problems in the bud.

# 3. Claims repair. Our Claims Repair program, led by an experienced team of in-house claims attorneys and outside counsel, has an excellent track record of remedying mistakes and mitigating damages. The results are often amazing. Sometimes, claims can be fully repaired. Other times, the dollar amount of the loss can be greatly reduced. Report promptly – and put our Claims Repair team to work for you.

# 2. Our service. Legal professional liability insurance is the only type of coverage we offer. We only do one thing, and we do that one thing well.

# 1. Our people. Because people are always number one. From the receptionist who takes your call to the lawyer who repairs your claim, we are here for you.

As the first mutually owned lawyer’s insurance company in the country, our reputation for leadership, professionalism and commitment to NC lawyers has become the standard by which other companies are measured.

We try to demonstrate our value to our insureds every day – not just when disaster strikes and they need us.

So why do you value Lawyers Mutual? How can we provide even more value? We’d love to hear from you.


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