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Secrets to a Successful Law Firm Transition

Law Firm Succession: Secrets to a Successful Transition or Sale of a Law Practice from Lawyers Mutual NC on Vimeo.

Are you in the time frame viewed as traditional retirement years, but haven’t given firm succession a passing thought?

If so, we have a CLE program for you.

Join us on Wednesday May 20 for “Law Firm Succession: Secrets to a Successful Transition or Sale of a Law Practice" to be held at the Embassy Suites in Cary.

Most solo and small firm practitioners avoid thinking about retirement or the time when they are going to exit their practice. They seldom consider selling their law practice, but it is a viable option for many practicing attorneys.

This educational program will assist you in planning for a transition. Join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges in selling your practice, the keys to a successful transition, how to value a law practice and find a potential buyer, whether you should consider using a broker, the overall developing marketplace and process to sell a practice and what to consider in maintaining client relationships during the transition and after.

This year’s program will also include a panel discussion on “How to Transition a Law Practice”. Many firms are navigating uncharted territory when the managing partner, and oftentimes firm founder, decides to step down.

Register here for the program or view the short video above about the upcoming event.

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