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In the Lending Library: Ted Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris J. Anderson

TED talksI hope you are familiar with TED Talks, influential 18-minute presentations from experts in Technology, Entertainment and Design. You can watch them on video at, through the TED app on your mobile device or via TED Radio Hour, an NPR podcast.

Ted Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris J. Anderson gathers tips from some of the best public speakers, as well as from the coaches who help the speakers take a life-time of knowledge and condense it into an 18-minute presentation. The book covers such topics as common speaking traps, idea building, the allure of stories and how to control your nerves.

The book analyzes many of the best TED Talks and offers guidance for anyone to become a more powerful public speaker. If you want some great tips on public speaking, check out this book today from our lending library.

The Lawyers Mutual Lending Library is a free service provided to all insureds and their support staff. We offer a wide range of titles from subject matters including: marketing, networking, starting a law practice and social media. Please visit Lawyers Mutual Lending Library on our website to browse our selection.


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