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In the Lending Library: PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers

Preparation is key, however, all the preparation in the world paired with a horrible presentation could end in a disaster. It's important to understand how to use PowerPoint .PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers offers practical advice for creating effective presentations quickly and easily. PowerPoint expert and attorney Paul Unger will help you avoid mishaps and develop a compelling presentation using storyboarding techniques. In just one hour, you'll learn how to take your presentations to the next level with these new skills:  

powerpoint for lawyers

  • Create and edit PowerPoint slides
  • Incorporate graphics, animations, photographs, clip art, and more
  • Use color and shapes to enhance your message
  • Insert other file formats (PDF, Excel, etc.) into a presentation
  • Include video and audio components
  • Create time lines
  • Deliver an effective presentation by using the author's tips and tricks
  • Present your materials with an iPad

And much more!

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