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In the Lending Library: Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers


Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Over the past few years cyber crimes have increased at a rapid rate. Businesses and individuals alike have to be proactive when it comes to protecting themselves against cyber crimes. 

In November of 2011, the FBI met with major law firms to deal with the rising number of law firm computer intrusions, warning them that hackers see attorneys as a back door to the valuable data of their corporate clients. In an age where lawyers frequently conduct business across wireless networks using smartphones and laptops, how can attorneys safeguard client data and confidential information? Locked Down explains the wide variety of information security risks facing law firms and how lawyers can best protect their data from these threats--with any budget. Written in clear, non-technical language that any lawyer can understand, this book will help you:

  • Create secure password--and store them safely
  • Assess the existing security risks at your firm: server rooms, cleaning crews, guests, alarm systems, and more
  • Work securely from a laptop or smartphone
  • Protect your mobile devices from theft
  • Authenticate users and encrypt your data
  • Maintain e-mail integrity
  • Secure your wired or wireless network
  • Effectively wipe data from a hard drive before disposal
  • Develop an information security checklist for your firm
  • Investigate, contain, and recover from a security breach

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