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I Value Lawyers Mutual Because of its Underwriting Expertise

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to your professional liability insurance policy.

That’s why a big part of the job of the Policy Team at Lawyers Mutual is helping you move from confusion to clarity. The underwriters on the team are available by phone to guide you through the process of deciding what limits, deductibles and coverage options are right for you.

This personal touch is yet another everyday value enjoyed by LM policyholders.

To get a glimpse of a typical day for Policy Team members, we reached out to underwriter Jess McKnight. Here are some of his observations:

What makes LM underwriting different? “Lawyers Mutual is a single line/single state provider. Meaning we only write malpractice policies for attorneys in North Carolina. This allows us to have a better understanding of the risks we insure and how to price for those risks.”

Tell us about a recent interaction with an insured lawyer or firm. “We don’t just deal with attorneys we currently insure. We also help those that are going through employment changes and may be potential insureds. I recently took a phone call from an attorney who had some questions regarding coverage for a potential new firm. This attorney has been working as an in-house attorney and was thinking of reducing his schedule or retiring from that position but continuing to provide some legal services to that same company.”

How was the insured feeling before the call? “I would assume confused. There are many different options to consider when making such a change.”

How did the insured feel after call? “Thankful. I was able to provide him information on how our policy would work in certain circumstances and options he could consider for coverage based on his situation.”

You have been an underwriter with Lawyers Mutual for 10 years. What is the most significant change you’ve seen as an underwriter at Lawyers Mutual? “In the 10 years I have been with Lawyers Mutual, we have been in three different buildings, we have had two different computer systems, but the most significant change I have seen has been the underwriting process itself. We have put more emphasis on rating each insured firm on its risk factors. In the past, we only looked at the coverage limits, deductible and the number of attorneys. Now, in addition to those items, we analyze each area of practice our insureds work in. This additional analysis helps us to price more appropriately.”

Learn more about Lawyers Mutual underwriting here.

So why do you value Lawyers Mutual? How can we provide even greater value? We’d love to hear from you.


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