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How To Capture a Screenshot of the Clerk’s Office Computer

how to capture a screenshot In our October newsletter, we published an article on “Searching Errors and the County Clerk’s Office.” We included a tip for preventing malpractice claims based on missed judgments by taking a screenshot showing a clean update.

One reader asked how to capture a screenshot, so we thought we’d share that information with others who may need to know.

Access in Your Office

Your computer should allow for screen shots using function keys, which will vary from computer to computer.  The following information is based on general Windows information, without special capture programming.

  1. Hit the “Print Screen” button. This is generally near the number pad of a keyboard. Don’t worry if it appears as if nothing has happened, the computer has copied the contents of your computer screen.
  2. Choose a program to paste the copied screenshot. Typically, this is done in Word, but you can use any program.
  3. Paste your copy. A copy of your entire screen will be pasted into the document.
  4. Save the document. Place in the appropriate folder for the file.

If you want to be more precise, Windows has a “Snipping Tool” that allows you to clip a picture of your screen and save it. This tool can be found in the Accessories folder under your Start menu.

Using Public Access Terminals in the Courthouse

There are a few different ways, none of which are ideal. 

  • Printing. Some clerk’s offices or ROD offices with public access terminals will have printers, either for free or charge, that allow for printing on paper. 
  • Taking a picture of the screen. Some searchers will actually use digital cameras or their smart phones to get a shot of the screen.  If you use this method, you will likely want to adjust the camera resolution down substantially as you do not need the large number of pixels and it will reduce the file size substantially. 

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