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HELP Team Adds Everyday Value to LM Policy

Knowing help is available when you need it most is an everyday value of being insured with Lawyers Mutual.

Lawyers Mutual’s HELP team is expert at Handling Emergency Legal Problems. Led by our in-house claims attorneys and outside counsel, the team has the training and resources to guide you through difficult professional times.

What would happen to your practice in the event of a medical emergency? Who would take care of your cases and clients? What about if your law partner unexpectedly retires – or dies?

Or if there’s a hurricane or natural disaster that disrupts your practice in ways you can’t manage on your own.

HELP is available. Every day. When you need it. Talk about value!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every law practice is different. Every crisis is different. And there’s no anticipating when one might occur.

When you find yourself facing a situation you can’t handle alone, or if you’re simply unsure where to turn, contact the Lawyers Mutual HELP team:

  • We will assess your crisis situation.
  • We will come up with a plan.
  • We will HELP make sure your clients are not harmed.

We’ve helped lots of insureds deal with crisis situations that might arise in their firm as a result of unexpected events like the death or disability of a lawyer in the firm.

LM Resources Are Available

Here are some checklists, information packets and other resources to HELP you through difficult times:


For more information, contact Lawyers Mutual HELP.

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