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Fridays are all about Future Lawyers

LMLNC_SRC In March of this year, Lawyers Mutual launched our virtual Student Resource Center (SRC). Lawyers Mutual SRC is housed on Twitter and provides a wealth of resources for law students past, present & future.

Since its launch in the spring, we have received great feedback and are overwhelmed by the support from future lawyers and representatives from various law schools. 

In conjunction with our SRC and the upcoming Fall semester we are excited about the addition of "SRC Fridays." Every Friday beginning with August 1st, A Byte of Prevention blog with feature posts for law students. 

Why is LinkedIn important for law students? When should the job search begin? How do you conquer the Bar blues? Check out "SRC Fridays" for posts on a wide range of topics.

We are excited to have contributors from various professions within the legal community. Be sure to follow us at @lmlnc_src and check out our first blog post on August 1st.

We are excited about the opportunity to continue connect with the legal community through reaching out to law students. 

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