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Doing Business Differently

LM LOGOWe don’t just sell insurance.  We sell relationships.

You hear us say that a lot, but what does it really mean?

Who We Are

It means we have a receptionist, a real live human answering the phones, whom you’ll meet if you walk in the door.

It means you don’t have to have a claim to talk to a claims attorney.

It means we all – underwriter, client services, on up to our management team – want to get to know you. Yes you!

How has the practical day-to-day practice changed since we last practiced here in NC?  What types of law do you enjoy?  What are the new challenges you face?  What support and services do you need to help you succeed?  What additional can we do to help support you and the profession?

In short, we want to know more about you than a policy number or a firm name.  We are proud to be a partner with you in your practice.

What They Do

Recently one of our claims attorneys received a call from a broker-who-will-not-be-named out of Louisiana.  The salesperson likely had purchased the attorney listing from the NC State Bar and was going through and calling everyone they could. 

So they called Lawyers Mutual, asked to speak with the claims attorney, and proceeded to pitch obtaining a free quote for malpractice insurance. 

They did not take the time to see who they were calling, where this attorney worked, or if attorney even needed insurance based on the job role.

What’s more, this was not the first (or even second) call and conversation that same brokerage had with that same claims attorney this year!

See the Difference

Our model is different.  We get to know you.  

We see you at CLE’s, at local and state bar functions, and at our ever-popular Put Into Practice series. 

We are involved in the community.  We think knowing you, the attorneys in North Carolina, is important.

We value you and think it is well worth the effort to know who we are talking to.  We care about you and your success.

That is what it means to sell relationships.

About the Author

Client Services

Client Services is dedicated to carrying out the mission of Lawyers Mutual through providing education and risk management resources. Client Services focuses on nurturing relationships with insureds through various forms of communication. For more information call 800. 662. 8843, Follow us on Twitter @LawyersMutualNC, connect on our LinkedIn page, like us on Facebook.

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