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Canine Counsel: The 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds


As we approach the dog days of summer – and because we could all use a little levity – here’s a hat tip to our furry canine friends. 

Special kudos to all the pooches that made the “Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2019” list compiled by the American Kennel Club.

“It may come as no surprise that the Labrador Retriever takes the top spot for the 29th year in a row,” says the AKC.

Keep reading to find out which breed is a couch potato and which is the canine version of Peter Pan.

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20 Most Popular AKC Breeds

(Comments are from Sabienna Bowman in this article for MSN and Stacker)

#20 Shih Tzu. “Translated from Chinese as ‘lion dog,’ shih tzus were originally bred in China to serve as lapdogs for royalty. Centuries later they have not forgotten their pampered roots.”
#19 Doberman pinscher. “Dobermans have a reputation for being sleek guard dogs. Dobies are actually very loving companions who view themselves as their families’ protectors.”
#18 Miniature schnauzer. “Most recognizable for their bushy beards and eyebrows, features that protect their faces from the vermin they were originally bred to hunt.”
#17 Great Dane. “Best known for their fictional counterparts Scooby Doo and Marmaduke.”
#16 Cavalier King Charles spaniel. “Named in honor of King Charles I and his son, King Charles II.”
#15 Siberian husky. “Pack dogs that are particularly independent and difficult to train, but still very affectionate.”
#14 Boxer. “The Peter Pan of dogs, an especially appropriate title since they have one of the longest puppyhoods in the world and do not reach maturity until they turn three.”
#13 Australian shepherd. “Among the smartest and most loyal of any breed.”
#12 Yorkshire terriers. “Descendants of dogs that were used to hunt rats in coal mines, textile mills, and factories of England during the Industrial Revolution.”
#11 Dachshund. “Many nicknames including wiener dog, but the name actually translates from German as badger dog.”
#10 Pembroke Welsh Corgi. “Regal personalities that lend themselves to pampering.”
#9 German shorthaired pointer. “Good company for long hikes, while their strong work ethic and desire to please make them excellent additions to any family.”
#8 Rottweiler. “Originally bred in Germany to drive cattle to butchers and pull carts filled with meat, Rottweilers can be quite loveable and even forget that they are too big to be lap dogs.”
#7 Beagle. “Their noses have about 220 million scent receptors.”
#6 Poodle. “A reputation of royalty due to their success at show competitions and meticulous hairdos.”
#5 Bulldog. “Has made a place for itself in homes where they can essentially be couch potatoes.”
#4 French bulldog. “Among the most affectionate of breeds, although its attachment issues can manifest as possessiveness.”
#3 Golden retriever. “The all-American dog, especially if you consider their frequent appearances in movies like ‘Air Bud’ and television series like ‘Full House.’”
#2 German shepherd. “Maybe the most versatile dog breed, as it has made a name for itself in a variety of industries including law enforcement, the military, search and rescue, herding, and drug detection.”
#1 Labrador retriever. “Bred to be waterdogs; also the first to grace the cover of Life magazine and a U.S. postage stamp.”


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