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Beware Scam Calls Purportedly From the State Bar

If you get a phone call purporting to be from the State Bar that asks for personal or financial information, hang up and report the incident to the proper authorities.

It’s a scam. The State Bar never requests such information from you by phone.

Physicians across the state have been getting calls like this from people claiming to be investigators with the NC Medical Board. The callers typically say the physician is under investigation, and that personal or financial information is needed. Click here for more information on this scam.

Though it is uncertain if any NC attorneys have received similar calls, the alarming nature of the scam prompted the NC State Bar to post a News Alert on the home page of its website.

“Do not be fooled,” the State Bar says. “Such calls are not legitimate. Remember, the State Bar will not request financial or personal information over the phone.”

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6 Things to Know About the NC State Bar

  1. What it is. The State Bar is the government agency responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in North Carolina. The State Bar currently regulates over 28,000 licensed lawyers. Protection of the public and protection of our system of justice are the objectives of regulation.
  2. What it isn’t. It isn’t the NC Bar Association. The NC State Bar and the NC Bar Associationare separate and distinct organizations. The State Bar is a government agency. All licensed North Carolina lawyers must be members of the State Bar. The NC Bar Association is a non-governmental, voluntary, professional organization that lawyers may join, but they are not required to do so to practice law in North Carolina. The Bar Association provides programs and services that promote the legal profession, assist its lawyer-members, and advance the administration of justice.
  3. What the State Bar does. The key regulatory responsibility of the State Bar is the investigation and prosecution of lawyers who violate the State Bar’s code of ethics for lawyers. For information about the investigation and prosecution of a disciplinary action, filing a complaint against a lawyer, alternatives to filing a complaint, and disciplinary actions against specific lawyers, go to the “Lawyer Discipline” section of this website.
  4. What else does the State Bar do? In addition to lawyer discipline, the State Bar’s regulatory activities include: promoting the competency of lawyers and paralegals; adopting the code of ethics for lawyers (known as “The Rules of Professional Conduct”); counseling lawyers on how to follow the Rules; resolving fee disputes between lawyers and clients; preventing the practice of law by people who are not licensed; compensating clients who were the victims of lawyer theft (see Financial Theft by a Lawyer); and advancing the administration of justice.
  5. Who runs the State Bar? The North Carolina State Bar is governed by a 61-member councilwhose members are lawyers elected by the lawyers in their home communities. The public’s interests are represented by three members of the council who are not lawyers and who are appointed by the governor and other elected officials. Four officers are elected by the members of the council to provide leadership. The daily operations of the State Bar are carried out by a staff of over 80 lawyers and nonlawyers.
  6. How is the State Bar funded? The revenue to operate the State Bar comes from annual dues that must be paid by every active member of the State Bar. Tax revenue from the general citizenry of the state is not used to operate the State Bar.


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