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AI Passes Bar Exam, Flunks Traffic Court

In case you’ve been worried about robot trial lawyers taking your job anytime soon, you can rest easier. 

Recently, legal self-help software companies – most notably DoNotPay – have been making extravagant claims about the outcomes their products can achieve. The media has gone wild for stories about how AI earpieces might soon become a courtroom accessory.

But the invasion may not be as imminent as feared. 

Recently DoNotPay backed off its aggressive marketing of its alternative legal services in the face of threats of Unauthorized Practice of Law, possible jail time and other headwinds. 

Read “DoNotPay Retires its Robot Lawyer Before It Even Has Its First Case” and more news coverage here

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ChatGPT Flunks Bar Exam – Law Profs Fear Plagiarism

In other news on the legal tech AI front, the highly publicized (and highly capitalized) program ChatGPT got mixed scores when it took the multiple choice, multistate bar examination. Although ChatGPT passed the evidence and torts sections, it flunked the overall test.

Read more here and here.

ChatGPT was correct on 50.3 percent of the questions. Real test-takers get 68 percent right.

ChatGPT does much better on writing assignments, whether it is “Write a sonnet like Shakespeare” or “Write an A+ answer to this question on my Torts exam.” Which alarms some academicians. 

From Retuers: “Law professors are among those both alarmed and delighted by ChatGPT since its November release. The program generates sophisticated, human-like responses based on requests from users and mountains of data, including from legal texts. most law professors thinking about language-based AI are concerned with students passing off work generated by the chatbot as their own. But others see AI as a tool for legal education and warn that without it law students may be unprepared for legal careers in which technology will play ever larger roles.”

Other testers and reviewers of ChatGPT have said the bot “isn’t ready for prime time” but not far off.


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