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by Susan Liebel |

9 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in Law School (Lesson 4)

9 things I wish they had taught me in law schoolThe fourth lesson I wish I would have learned is Do Not Have A Scarcity Mentality.

This week’s lesson is short and sweet.

This is The Go-Giver parable. When you give value first with no expectation of return, you inevitably get more value than you could have imagined.  A scrooge keeps exactly what he earns and can tell you to the penny his net worth.  A generous person gets back more than he could ever spend and knows that what he has can never be measured.

If you want to increase the value you receive in this life, whether respect, love, friendship, opportunities, even money, you have to increase the value of what you give. You cannot have a scarcity mentality. It’s that simple.

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