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by Susan Liebel |

9 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in Law School (Lesson 3)

9 Things I Wish They Would have taught me in Law SchoolThe third thing I really wish they had taught me in law school is Batching.

For those of us who have taken on or are considering solo practices, we have mundane administrative minutiae to attend to which, while boring to say the least, is still critical to our practices and our lives.  Putting them off and knowing they still need to be addressed creates a persistent and nagging anxiety that sucks the joy out of our more enjoyable activities.  You know exactly what I’m talking about. It creates guilt!

A great way to tackle these tasks and get them done with relative speed is to batch them. What is batching?  You commit a certain amount of time to doing a certain number of tasks one after the other.... without breaks.  You want to eliminate start and stop times that come with spacing them out in your schedule. When you batch, you are also staying focused on the task at hand. You are less likely to make critical mistakes due to distractions (this includes social media, emails and phones!) and you will enjoy tremendous satisfaction once you complete the tasks.

This post is based on an article that originally appeared in our newsletter. Written by Susan Liebel of Solo Practice University. 


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