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by Susan Liebel |

9 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in Law School (Lesson 8)

9 thingsEvery lawyer is unique.

I bet this one surprises you.  Yes, every single lawyer is unique. Maybe the law schools and the public don't view us this way but that's not because each lawyer isn't unique.  It's because each lawyer tries to copy everyone else's presentation of what they think a lawyer should be and this stifles creativity and innovation. When 100 lawyers fight to do exactly the same thing in exactly the same way, we call it a glut.  When 100 lawyers each bring a unique presentation and skill set to what they do it's a whole different perception.

When I taught my course at Quinnipiac University School of Law in my How to Hang A Shingle Right Out of Law School or Shortly Thereafter, the first thing I told my students was that I fully expect to get thirty different business plans because each one of them comes from a different background, a different set of experiences, and has different motivations, goals and ambitions for their practices. No two students are alike.  The only similarities in their plans should be clear recognition of what you can and cannot do based upon the rules governing lawyers as determined by the governing jurisdiction.  Otherwise, the sky is the limit.  No two lawyers are the same nor should they present the same.


This post is based on an article that originally appeared in our newsletter. Written by Susan Liebel of Solo Practice University. 

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