William Stroud is President of Lawyers Insurance and has managed the NC Bar Association Health Benefit Trust since its inception in 2002. Contact William at wstroud@lawyersmutualnc.com or 800-662-8843.

A Father’s Day Tribute to Great Parenting

Last year about this time I got a voicemail from someone who called me ‘William Richard,’ a dead giveaway that it was from my pre-1974 childhood, eastern North Carolina, double-name calling past.  It turned out to be my little league buddy, Harold, who went by Coochie.  He called around Fa… Read More

My #1 Financial Tip for the Solo or Small Firm

By way of background, early in my career I was self-employed (ate what I killed, as they say) for 8 years.  I was only moderately successful financially, and during this time I got married and had 2 of my 3 children.  I understand the vicissitudes of income to a small business. Toward the end of my f… Read More