Dan Pinnington is the Vice President of Claims Prevention at practicePRO. This article first appeared in the December 2013 issue of LawPro magazine. Reprinted with permission. For more cyber safety tips, visit www.lawpro.ca.

Avoiding Cybercrime Dangers: Inside People Can Be the Most Dangerous

[This post is the fifteenth in a series. The original post can be found here.] People inside your office have the greatest knowledge of your systems and where the important data is located. Many of the largest and most damaging cyber breaches have been caused by rogue or soon-to-be-departing employees. You s… Read More

Keeping Your Passwords Strong and Secure

Computer passwords are the keys that “unlock” our computer and network systems. We all have more passwords than we can remember. This tends to make us a bit lazy. We use obvious and easy-to-remember passwords – even the word “password” itself. Or worse: we don’t use them at a… Read More