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Lawyers Mutual Declares Dividend

Lawyers Mutual Liability Insurance Company of North Carolina has declared a policyholder dividend equal to 5.7% of the final premium paid on your 2017 policy.  This dividend, which will total nearly $1 million, will be paid at policy expiration and represent the fourteenth time since 1999 that Lawyers Mutual has declared and paid a policyholder dividend.

“For the seventh consecutive year, we are pleased to return capital to our loyal policyholders via a dividend,” stated President and CEO Dan Zureich.  “Since 2011, we will have returned nearly $8 million to policyholders.  Policyholder dividends are a significant benefit of being insured with a mutual insurance company.  No other carrier has returned as much capital to or done as much for North Carolina attorneys as Lawyers Mutual.”

Forty years ago, the North Carolina legal community’s vision came to life with the creation of Lawyers Mutual. We were founded with a simple mission: Lawyers Helping Lawyers. We have been doing that ever since. Now we are moving forward by remembering yesterday and building for tomorrow. 

About Lawyers Mutual Liability Insurance Company of North Carolina

Lawyers Mutual, founded in 1977, is the first lawyers mutual insurance company in the country and has provided continuous professional liability coverage to North Carolina lawyers for 40 years. Its reputation for leadership, professionalism and commitment to its attorneys sets the standard for other legal malpractice insurance providers.

The mission at Lawyers Mutual is not only to provide the best protection to North Carolina lawyers, but also to provide education and risk management resources to help its insured attorneys better serve their clients and the public. 

For more information, call 800.662.8843, follow us on Twitter @LawyersMutualNC, connect on our LinkedIn page, like us on Facebook or visit www.lawyersmutualnc.com.

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