An Extended Reporting Endorsement – often called an “ERE” or “Tail Coverage” – is an endorsement to your policy that provides a period of time to make or report a claim after a policy expires or is cancelled, or after an attorney is removed from a policy.  Lawyers Mutual offers two options for this: (1) a 4-year period of time to report claims (to correspond to the current Statute of Repose for legal malpractice in NC), or (2) an unlimited period of time to report claims.  Note that while an ERE extends the time to report a claim under the last policy insuring you, it does not cover against acts/errors/omissions occurring after your coverage under that policy ended.

As a benefit of being a long-time insured and meeting certain underwriting criteria, an ERE may be available at no cost or a reduced cost to an attorney leaving the private practice of law.  For additional information, please see our article "Maintaining Continuous Coverage," and contact our Underwriting Department at 1-800-662-8843 for further information or with any questions about maintaining your professional liability insurance coverage.