Sonja Ebron, a PhD electrical engineer and entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Courtroom5. Courtroom5 is a digital- and artificial intelligence-based platform that, for a small monthly fee, gives its members access to an entire litigator’s toolset, animated video courses, workshops, legal forms and documents, and community forums. Through artificial intelligence capabilities, Courtroom5 is able to stay up-to-date on a case from start to finish, providing specific and timely information and aid each step of the way.



Using Technology to Address Access to Courts and Justice 

Courtroom5 is an online litigation support tool for pro se civil litigants designed to make true access to the courts and justice available to all. We are guided by a simple creed: the courts belong to the people and together we can take them back. We are an award-winning tech startup. Most recently, co-founder Debra Slone and I were both honored as Fastcase 50 honorees. Courtroom5 was designated one of seven legal tech startups to watch by Law360. We know from firsthand experience that affording a lawyer is difficult and navigating the legal system without one is even more so.    Read More