Mysty is currently a FLEX student at Campbell Law School but will transition to full-time studies in Fall 2019. She currently works as a Healthcare Compliance Investigator while attending school part-time and serving as a mother to her three children. Mysty worked as a clinical dental hygienist for 13 years where she developed a passion for helping people. She is interested in a career involving the legal aspects of Healthcare Technology and Compliance.  Mysty Blagg, RDH, BSDH, J.D. Candidate

Personal Realizations of a Working Mother and Law Student

In August of last year, I embarked upon my own “Vision Quest” of obtaining a Juris Doctor degree. Seven years prior I had become motivated to make a true difference in this world and believed the best way to approach that goal was with a law degree. Suddenly life intervened- with twins! Of course, t… Read More

Readying Yourself for the Journey Ahead

Four years ago I was working as a Medicaid Appeals Specialist, which was a fairly satisfying but stressful job, and I was a mother to 1-year-old twins. I had been hemming and hawing for several years about my dream of attending law school but that is where it stopped. I believe I had resolved myself to “i… Read More

Tools for Starting IL Year

At 43, with three children in tow, I began to prepare for my IL year.  Even though I was a non-traditional student, my questions about starting Law School were similar to every other student: What tangible things do I need for my first year? And, are there any skills that could give me an advantage? As I s… Read More