Laura Mahr is a NC lawyer and the founder of Conscious Legal Minds LLC, providing mindfulness-based coaching, training, and consulting for attorneys and law offices nationwide. Laura’s cutting edge work to build resilience to burnout, stress, and vicarious trauma in the practice of law is informed by 11 years of practice as a civil sexual assault attorney, two decades of experience as an educator and professional trainer, and 25 years as a student and teacher of mindfulness and yoga, and a love of neuroscience. She is the author of the Pathways to Wellbeing column in the NC State Bar Journal, the Mindful Moment column in the NC Lawyer Assistance Program quarterly newsletter, a provider on the North Carolina Bar Association BarCARES panel, and an advisory member of the 28th Judicial District’s Wellness Committee.

Mindfulness Matters

Attorneys have extremely stressful jobs. It’s easy to become overwhelmed while juggling life in the office, the courtroom, and at home. Have you ever thought about meditation before mediation? Meditation doesn’t always mean incense and yoga mats and it might actually help your legal practice. We had… Read More