Jackie Houser has enjoyed working as an associate with Walker, Allen, Grice, Ammons & Foy in Goldsboro, North Carolina, since 2009.  Prior to quitting her job and selling her house to attend law school, Jackie was a certified paralegal and college instructor.  Contact Jackie via email at jackie@nctrialattorneys.com or via phone at 919-734-6565.

Divorce Law is Getting Grayer

If you practice family law, you might have noticed your clientele is becoming grayer. That’s because the divorce rate for seniors has reached an all-time high, and the consequences are rippling through healthcare, housing and divorce court. More than one-third of people who file for divorce are 50 or ol… Read More

Talk the Talk: Law School Lingo

In honor of the start of a new school year and #flashbackfriday, we wanted to share one of our favorite SRC Friday posts. Every profession has its own lingo. The legal profession is no different. Jackie Houser highlighted a few of her favorite law school expressions in her "Law School Lingo" blog post. If there… Read More

Law School Lingo

When I was a child, the only dictionary in our house was Webster’s.  Should I ask my dad how to spell a word, he would say, “Look it up,” and point to Webster’s on the bookshelf.  Frankly, I thought that was the most ridiculous response to give to someone who just asked for hel… Read More

Orientation about Orientation

Welcome to law school! Here’s a cookie, some coffee, and a lot of information about your world for the next three years.  That’s the Reader’s Digest version of orientation at most law schools.     Orientation is designed to introduce you to the law school, its services, and the… Read More