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Erik Mazzone is the practice management advisor in residence at Lawyers Mutual. He is available to LML insureds to book a free practice management or legal tech consultation. You can book directly with him at www.calendly.com/erikmazzone


The Best Money You Will Spend on Your Firm’s Tech This Year

There’s a certain kind of advice you get once in a while that is a little infuriating. I’ve certainly gotten it a bunch, I bet you have, too. It never fails to irritate me. And here I am now about to do the same thing to you. It happened to me most recently with a lawyer friend who is really into photography. He takes amazing pictures and has one of those fancy cameras with the big lenses that you carry around separately in its own backpack. He brings back incredible photos from national parks and foreign destinations.   Read More

Next Time You Need Some Legal Tech, Check Out the LawNext Directory

When it comes to purchasing things, I am a thorough – some would ungenerously say “obsessive” - researcher. I will run down friends, experts, user reviews, Reddit postings, Google reviews and more or less absorb what virtually any nut with a keyboard and an internet connection has to say about… Read More

Enough With the Robot Lawyers Already

In the morning before I leave for work, I ask my Google App how long it is going to take me to drive to the office and what the weather will be. In the evening when I return home, I ask Alexa (the virtual assistant that powers the Amazon Echo speaker) to continue reading aloud my current Kindle book so I … Read More