We have a solid foundation and roots to the past; a rich history serving our community of lawyers. But we are also thinking forward, and reaching into the future. 

As the practice of law is changing, we are responding — partnering with innovators in the profession to provide our insureds with valuable tools. We are asking, what will the practice of law look like in 5, 10, or 20 years? 

Although we have a proactive and unparalleled claims department, claims are not all we do; solid advice and consultation is available too. Our Claims attorneys take the “counselor of law” title to heart, and we frequently interact with our insureds, giving advice and risk management tips. We continuously watch for new risks our insureds might face, both in the near and distant future, and when we identify these new risks, we respond with alerts, articles and continuing education warning our insureds about these new challenges.

We are dedicated to forward thinking, helping our insureds and our community of lawyers navigate the landscape. We invite you to join in the discussion. Join us at one of our community programs or #FutureLaw.

We are Lawyers Mutual: Here today, here tomorrow.

Watch our Annual Report 2015 Video and learn more.