Trust Account Maintenance

Trust Account Maintenance is an ongoing job. Below are 5 steps to assist with that process. Step 1:  Review all outstanding checks.  This must be done before you can truly evaluate the client ledger balances.  A ledger with a $0.00 balance listing checks that have not cleared the bank is a prob… Read More +

Tips About The Trust Account: Proper Endorsement

We have all read articles about disciplinary action being taken against an attorney where the cause was listed as “clerical errors”.  We envision an unorganized desk, and a bookkeeper shopping online, or chatting on Facebook.   I know from experience that is not typically the case.&#… Read More +

Frauds and Scams that Target Lawyer Trust Accounts

The State Bar continues to receive reports of frauds and scams on lawyer trust accounts resulting in six-figure losses.  The three major types of scams are 1) Email initiated counterfeit bank checks 2) Forged trust account checks, and 3) Compromised wire instructions.   The following is a brief s… Read More +