To North Carolinas Lawyers,

Over thirty years ago, North Carolina lawyers faced a challenge, an insurance crisis that left lawyers without malpractice coverage. The result was the formation of Lawyers Mutual, the first mutual insurance company in the country to serve lawyers.

Lawyers Mutual has entered its fourth decade as the only North Carolina-based company providing lawyers with continuous professional liability insurance coverage. Our mission has always been to meet the needs of North Carolina lawyers at reasonable cost with quality service and coverage. We are here to serve you and we encourage you to pick up the phone and talk directly with an officer of the company or one of Lawyers Mutual's in-house attorneys who provide free advice and assistance to our insureds on a daily basis.

I am pleased to join Lawyers Mutual as its President and CEO and look forward to meeting you as I travel across the state and to continuing the tradition of Lawyers Mutual, "Here Today, Here Tomorrow."

Daniel M. Zureich, J.D.,
President and CEO