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In the Lending Library: Checklists for Lawyers

checklists for lawyersDo you use checklists?  In some cases, it’s difficult to survive and be successful without them. Checklists for Lawyers, takes the process of using checklists a step further by showing you how to create systems for your everyday law practice to ensure that tasks get done correctly every time. Checklists help you run your law practice more effectively and efficiently.

This book covers:

  • Why you need checklists in your practice and how to create them
  • How checklists can help you mitigate malpractice risks and comply with their ethical obligations
  • Using checklists to ultimately reduce training costs and help orient new hires about your firm’s practices
  • Creating and managing checklists before discussing strategies for overcoming objections to checklists

And much more!

The Lawyers Mutual Lending Library is a free service for policyholders, offering books on subjects such as law practice management, technology in the law office, rainmaking, and client relations. Check out this and many other titles at


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