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LM Feature: Buncombe County Family Justice Center

If you have any experience working with domestic violence, you know the maze victims must navigate. A study of a typical victim experience in Buncombe County showed that a victim will talk with 21 people, fill out 61 forms, travel to 8 locations and receive over 30 referrals.   The Buncombe County Fa… Read More

NC Attorney appears on Jeopardy! for 400 Alex

For years Jeopardy! has been a staple in many households.  At some point, all of us have spent an evening on our couches yelling answers at Alex Trebek and calculating our imaginary winnings. For one Charlotte attorney, years of watching Jeopardy! paid off when she found herself a contestant… Read More

Protect your firm against wire fraud

In January, we released a malpractice alert regarding the interception of incoming wires. We’re back with more information to ensure your firm knows the best practices to protect your firm against wire fraud. Our claims counsel, Troy Crawford is featured in our latest risk management video. In the video,… Read More

New and Improved Practice Guides

We recently announced that our website would be undergoing some major changes to improve your online experience. Among those changes are our revamped practice guides and infographics. Our practice guides, formerly known as handouts have undergone a major makeover.  Our practice guides are accompanied by i… Read More

Bar Exam Roundup

Many law students are preparing to take the next step towards transitioning from the classroom to the courtroom. The North Carolina State Bar exam will be given February 21st and 22nd. Bar Exam prep usually means long hours of thumbing through flashcards and spending a lot of time buried in books. We’ve p… Read More

Networking in 60 Seconds

We had a chance to chat with Gerald L. Walden, Jr, Assistant General Counsel at The Fresh Market, Inc. As more in-house counsel opportunities arise (as companies reduce legal fees by reducing outside counsel hiring), Gerald provides insight into networking for attorneys looking for in-house counsel positions. … Read More

Charlotte School of Law denied access to student loan dollars

In a recent blog post, we reported on the Charlotte School of Law’s two year probation. As if being hit with probation wasn’t enough, the Department of Education announced that on December 31, 2016, it will end access to federal student financial aid for the Charlotte School of Law.  Starting … Read More

12 Days of RISKmas

Tis the season to be jolly and often the season when many display folly. While you’re browsing sales on your computer screen, make sure your client data stays clean. Everyone isn’t set on spreading holiday cheer; phishing scams, wire fraud and hackers could be near. Don’t forget to make those … Read More

New Design with you in mind—Let us be your back office

How much time do you spend actually practicing law? Asking this question of a professional whose occupation is largely centered around the billable hour may raise an eyebrow. However, think about how much time you spend actually running your firm versus the time you spend practicing at your firm. We can help. … Read More

Charlotte School of Law placed on two year probation

In a recent blog post, we discussed the ABA’s approval of new standards which will require law schools to show that at least 75 percent of its graduates pass the bar exam in order to remain accredited. The ABA has wasted no time in making an example out of the Charlotte School of Law. The school has been… Read More

3 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing isn’t working

Many people use social media for just about everything. Social media is used for starting new relationships, maintaining relationships, getting the latest news and even product and service reviews. It’s no surprise that social media is such a powerful marketing tool (when used correctly). It’s impo… Read More