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A Practice Based on The Science of Network Technology

As its name suggests, Erdos Intellectual Property Law + Startup Legal champions entrepreneurs, individuals, innovators, and creatives. The firm's name is a homage to the Erdős number, a celebrated measure of network connectedness (the measure predates the six degrees of Kevin Bacon!). The practice anchore… Read More

Considering working from home?

With advances in technology, unexpected life events and office space costs, more and more companies are offering employees the option to work from home. Are you considering packing up your case files and setting up in your home office? Are you an employer who is struggling to decid… Read More

You could write our next blog post

Check out this week’s SRC Friday post written by YOU! Yes, you reading this post. Our Student Resource Center was developed with law students in mind and we would love to have law students, new lawyers and law school staff contribute to our SRC Friday posts. Every Friday our blog is dedicated t… Read More

Essential Steps to Transition Your Law Practice the Right Way

Does your firm have a transition plan? If you answered “no” to this question or paused for a second trying to figure out exactly what a transition plan is and how it works—this is the CLE for you. Join The Law Practice Exchange for “Essential Steps to Transition Your Law Practice The Rig… Read More

Bridging the Gap in the Workplace

Law schools are turning out new lawyers each year who are entering the work force full of ideas and ready to take on the legal problems of the world. However, they’re often entering firms where Boomers and Gen Xers are married to their long standing traditions and not as open to new ideas. Great frustrat… Read More

Don’t be afraid to EVOLVE: Join Us May 24th

There’s no denying that technology is king. However, technology is often met with great opposition in the legal field. Many lawyers are not open to the “disruptiveness” of new technology in the profession. What makes technology so scary and how do we bridge the gap? We evolve. Join entreprene… Read More

BarCARES: Helping those who help others

Attorneys are problem solvers. People seek the counsel of attorneys to help them resolve issues they can’t solve on their own. Many times we don’t think about who’s there to help attorneys when they are faced with the issues of life. BarCARES is a program organized by the North Carolina Bar As… Read More

Legal Innovators & Leaders: An interview with Steve Epstein

Typically when one thinks about lawyers transitioning, we think about lawyers transitioning out of practice. However, Steve Epstein of Poyner Spruill is changing the way we think of “transitioning.” After 25 years in litigation Steve decided to transition to family law. Steve went from representing … Read More

Hike Your Own Hike

Carol Vassey is the Senior Firm Administrator for Kilpatrick Townsend. Outside of the office, she wears many hats; she is a mother, grandmother, missionary (who has led and participated in many mission trips to Haiti) and the list goes on. However, it’s her hiking boots, not hats that led us to sit down a… Read More

NC Pro Bono Resource Center turns 1!

The NC Equal Access to Justice Commission launched the NC Pro Bono Resource Center in April of 2016. The NC Pro Bono Resource Center is one of only a handful of statewide pro bono resource centers in the country. The goal of the NC Pro Bono Resource Center is to increase pro bono participation statewide. Throug… Read More

Fighting the War at home: Cumberland County Veterans Treatment Court

It’s not every day that you hear of a judge spending the night in jail with someone he has sentenced. However, in April of 2016 that’s exactly what happened. District Court Judge Lou Olivera displayed the ultimate act of compassion when he spent the night in jail with former soldier Joseph Serna. J… Read More

LM Feature: Buncombe County Family Justice Center

If you have any experience working with domestic violence, you know the maze victims must navigate. A study of a typical victim experience in Buncombe County showed that a victim will talk with 21 people, fill out 61 forms, travel to 8 locations and receive over 30 referrals.   The Buncombe County Fa… Read More

NC Attorney appears on Jeopardy! for 400 Alex

For years Jeopardy! has been a staple in many households.  At some point, all of us have spent an evening on our couches yelling answers at Alex Trebek and calculating our imaginary winnings. For one Charlotte attorney, years of watching Jeopardy! paid off when she found herself a contestant… Read More