Joyce Brafford is a North Carolina attorney and Practice Management Advisor. As Assistant Director of the Center for Practice Management at the NC Bar Association, she helps solo practitioners and law firms find the right practice management tools for their business. She provides individual and firm consultations on legal research and MS Office, as well as identifying appropriate tech resources which the NCBA provides as part of its member benefit suite.

Three Problems Solved by the Right Email Encryption Solution

As I sat down to write this article, I thought about comparing all sorts of email encryption solutions, but I had a hard time writing an article that was truly useful. I eventually rethought my premise. I decided to focus on the features that I thought would matter to you, and the best solution for each problem… Read More

Networking as a Young Lawyer- 5 Tips to Make a Great Impression

Just a few years ago, I was a young almost-lawyer looking for job.  It was May of my third year of law school, and I was deep into the job hunt. I’d spoken to the folks in the career center, I’d recently revised my resume, and I was looking all over the state for a job that seemed interesting. … Read More